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Chamber History


Originally, most of the Butler-area business men and women lived outside the Village of Butler and therefore, they were ineligible to run for Village office or to have a direct voice in government.  Yet it was important that these business-people be able to share their concerns, express their interests and ask the Village for help and consideration.


On December 18, 1969 an organizational meeting was held to begin the process of establishing the Butler Area Association of Commerce.  The first recorded minutes were on April 30, 1970; the Articles of Incorporation were filed in October of 1970.


There were 97 original Butler Area Association of Commerce members.


Since 1970 the Butler Area Chamber of Commerce has been a voluntary organization of individuals and firms working together to advance the business interests and quality of life in the community.  Members represent a wide range of large and small businesses from manufacturing, professionals, trades and services.

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