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NameChritopher Leggett
Zip/Postal Code53007
CountryUnited States

CL’s Residential Computing, LLC was created to address the need of residents to have computer and printer issues addressed and resolved at low cost. For most people, there is a need to use the personal computer for more than just games or online shopping. There is also the need to bring work home or even the need to get school work completed. However you use your personal computer, everyone feels that what they are doing is important in some fashion. What is being offered by CL’s Residential Computing is the ability for someone to be contacted and someone who is readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If it becomes apparent that there is a larger issue at hand, there may be a need for an onsite home visit. It may also become necessary for a device to be picked up for further trouble shooting needs. CL is doing what is best for the community with regard to making assistance available, especially for those who don’t have hundreds to just give away to a high-end computer tech company. Satisfying the customer needs, at low cost, ensures the longevity of this residential service. Through word-of-mouth, CL’s Residential Computing, LLC could become the local ‘go-to’ for all technical support services for personal computers.

Current LocationButler, US
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